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"We look forward to seeing new and returning friends and customers every year" - Diana

Rancho Pinard was first established back in 1994 by Paul and Diana Pinard.  While residents of Alaska, both had strong roots in Idaho, Paul being born in Boise and attending college in Moscow, where he met his wife Diana.  As they were getting close to retirement, the couple sought to reestablish themselves in this great state and the agricultural ties that their families had here.  

One might say that Paul had always been a farmer in his heart, as he grew apples in the cold frigid north of Alaska.  However, Idaho provided the perfect climate for his passion of growing fruit.  When first starting out, the orchard comprised exclusively of bings and early burlats.  However, as time has passed, Paul has sought to provide other varieties in response to local need.  

The orchard has provided them an opportunity to connect with neighbors and other residents of the valley, and every year Paul, Diana, and Michelle look forward to seeing new customers as well as those who are returning friends.  

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