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As the name suggests, this variety of cherry is quick to ripen.  They are extremely dark red in color and are very sweet and juicy.  The flesh is somewhat softer than a Bing, but still perfect for eating.  


These cherries were originally cultivated in Oregon, and are known for being large, firm, and deep red in color.  They are quite sweet, and have many uses.   They are good to make sauces with, dried for granola or oatmeal, preserves and jams, and of course to be eaten just as they are.  


Rainiers are actually a cross between a Bing and a Van cherry.  Therefore, these cherries are quite sweet and firm.  They have a thicker skin and creamy yellow flesh.  These are one of the more desirable varieties of cherry and are known for their superior taste.  


"Seeing the orchards in bloom and hearing the bees buzzing is such a delight"

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